Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Things for Spring and the Wishing Tree

I am blessed, thankful, encouraged and inspired by all the wonderful people that stopped by my little space this past weekend in Brea. It was wonderful to see so many loyal customers and friends. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for supporting and encouraging me to continue to do something I love.
Here's a few pics of some pieces I took to the show, some have gone on to their new homes, some I'll try to get on Etsy, or take to The Little Dress Shop. Or maybe you'll see them at Glitterfest. I've played with the idea of another show for April, we'll see. I'll let you know...

As always after a show, I was completely exhausted, but the one thing I couldn't wait to do with my family on this particular Saturday was hang this beautiful new piece I received from Roanoke, VA for the Wishing Tree.
We sat at the dining room table, unwrapped the package and I read the note aloud. We were silent. My daughter was the first to speak. "We need to pray for her" she said. After it was up in the tree, we took a few minutes to gaze up at all our wishes so far. I am so honored and peaceful about what we've been entrusted with. The lovely dreamcatcher was crafted by the very talented and inspiring Cheryl Dolby and her daughter Kelli just for our tree. Thank you Cheryl and Kelli. Thank you both, for participating and know how honored we are to have added your intention to our prayers. :)
Love, peace and gratitude,

Oh! I almost forgot. Look what else popped up on the tree while I was away...

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Friday, March 12, 2010

Just a few new Goodies for Spring!

Here's a few little works in progress...
I'm working on a watch case dioramas again. I've done some cool custom orders as well.

This sweet little Querido Charlotte piece was sent far away to Annie, but lots of her friends will be at my next show this Saturday in Brea March 21st! Stop by and see them if you get a chance! You can see the flyer on my side bar for more info.

Even though this little flower is invisable from the front of the piece, I like that the person wearing it looks down and is the only one who can see it! A secret little detail... I'm playing with the idea of adding something like this on more of my pieces. :)
That's all for now, Ciao!

Monday, March 8, 2010

New things on the Wishing Tree

My husband doesn’t really ask much of our tree. The giant old ocean rod secured with fishing line to its trunk is his main contribution as is his silent belief in its strength and power for good. He helps me care for it, gently pruning or weeding and of course is my main go-to guy when I want something hung in just that spot I can’t reach. When he asked me to make a tag for a friend of his I knew it was important. While I won’t get into why or what we are specifically praying for, if you get a chance and might feel like sending some prayers or positive energy her way, please do so for Kerry. Thank you so :)

Here are a few other new additions to our tree…

Some lovely prayer tags already a bit weathered from the rain...

And this beautiful symbol of love gifted by my sweet sister-in-law for the tree. It’s so perfect on so many levels don’t you think? Not to mention, its among the first things I see when I look out my window to the tree.
I just love it.

Oh! And if ever You’d like to add anything to the tree, just email me or leave a comment and I’ll email back with where to send your wish. I’ll post a pic of whatever you send for the tree and a link to your blog if you’d like. I’m thinking I may start a blog for just the Wishing Tree, but for now, it’s all here. :) Tomorrow I’ll post some pics of my new pieces for Etsy and some I'll be taking to my first show of the Spring! Have a peace-filled day .
Love, Bridgette