Saturday, November 14, 2009

Rescued Charlottes

Well as many of you already know, I've recently been quite compelled to create with my new found stash of Frozen Charlottes. I wrote up a little something to give people when they buy one of my Rescued Charlotte pieces, but it's probably a bit too long, so I've decided to post it here!

Mis Queridos or “My Beloveds”
It’s no wonder with my love for tiny objects, dioramas, lockets and little things to put things in that I should be so attracted to these little dolls. After all, one does need little things to place in the little spaces she creates doesn’t she?
Manufactured in Germany from about 1850 to the early 1900s, these intriguing bisque/china/porcelain dolls were originally produced as Victorian Bathing Dolls called “Frozen Charlottes”; so named from an early American folk song by William Carter. Carter tells a sad story of a piercingly cold night, with the lovely Charlotte being picked up in a sleigh by her beau ready to attend the village ball. Looking lovely, young Charlotte dressed in her finery, vainly wanted to be seen and admired along the way, and did not heed her mother’s good advice to cover herself with a blanket, refusing to wear even her wrap. By the time she and her beau arrived at the ball, Charlotte had frozen to death. ( I know it's a wee bit dark but that's the story) :)
On a lighter note, in early Victorian days these sweet little dolls were also baked into children’s birthday cakes, or Christmas pudding to be found by the young guest as they bit into their piece of cake. Nothing like pies and cakes to lighten the mood!And...Quite a little party favor!

Today these rare little collectables are used in all sorts of mixed media art, but the tiny ones are among the most coveted. Remember they’re over 100 years old! Here I have assembled some of my smallest most treasured Charlottes into a series of collage pendants, charms and pins called Mis Queridos or “My Beloveds”. Each small vignette tells a story of her own for the holder to discover. Using vintage findings and found objects gives each piece an innate sense of history. Some pieces contain words or symbols, but all carry with her a unique charism. My hope is that you enjoy your rescued Charlotte creation as much as I enjoyed making it for you

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Update on the Wishing Tree...

While I certainly don't go out there and just "sit" nearly as much as I dreamed of, our "Wishing Tree" remains a relaxing and beautiful destination in the yard for myself and my family. Each member has added a little something of their own and I've even received a few things from far,far away. My Mom found this wonderful beaded mobile this summer in a fantastic little gallery in Big Sur. The one with the people nests lined with sari-like quilts and colorful pillows.I meant to write a post just about these nests but didn't, so here's a couple of photos so you know what I mean. I loved these things!Another wish was sent in a jar with sand and seashells from my sweet Annie's, Atlantic coast.
This past weekend I did the Irvine Fine Arts Holiday Faire and met some of the coolest ladies. As I spoke to them about my work and my current obsession with my tiny frozen Charlotte's (which I will write about next) I found myself going back to our tree.I described how it's become a sort of wishing/prayer/reflection/art spot for us and of my desire to make this a sort of visual symbol that reminds us of things to pray or wish for. I only wish I would have asked them to send a wish...anyhow, it's late and I'm not completely sure I'm making sense, I just wanted to say a little something so you know I didn't forget...

Oh! And for those of you I haven't told, myself and a few other gals are doing a little Holiday Boutique this Friday the 13th right in my neighborhood. I posted it as an event on my Bella Luna Arts Facebook page but here's a few particulars as well. It's at 539 S. Orange Ave. Brea from 6:00-9:00pm.We'll have wine,hors d'oeuvres LOTs of festive twinkling lights and shopping what could be better! Stop by if you get a chance, it should be fun. Ciao for now!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Glitterfest was Grand!!!

As usual the Glitterfest Girls of Whimzy!did a bang up job with their fantastic show this past Sat. It’s always such an honor to be in the company of such wildly creative people. They made us these adorable pins and artists tags, had a yummy lunch ready for us and helpers posted at the start and finish to get us back and forth with all our goods and display paraphernalia! Those gals sure know how to put on a show!

I was tickled to be stationed right across Susie Scott from SusieScottStudios and couldn't help but snag a few of her sweet faced goodies. She adorns each piece with such a sweet face! They're all so unique and filled with personality.You've got to check out her stuff !

Another beautifully artful soul I was lucky enough to connect with, was Lisa Loria of vintagebling.She had some very, very cool work, but her beautiful Dia De Los Muertos Cross just had to come home with me. Doesn’t it look like it’s always been there? It’s just perfect in my little sacred space. I just love it! Thank you Lisa for parting with it…

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Glitterfest is nearly here!!!

In addition to my new Steampunk creations, I've started scuplting these little skulls for my next Milagra gourd doll phase, just in time for Glitterfest Fall and Dia de Los Muertos ! They're a lot of fun and now I want to do more faces. However I can't deny how intimidating sculpting little faces are...

Here's a few pictures of new goodies I've been making for Glitterfest this Saturday Oct. 10th. I've been going a bit crazy with kids school stuff, some home stuff , our new pooch Oliver, and even some creative stuff like my newest aquistition of the tiny frozen Charlottes.
I just love these little dolls and have been so very inspired by them! I certainly have more than I should I suppose, so I might bring a few to share at Glitterfest.
What do you think?

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Here's a few little things I just had to put together with my new finds. Check out the beautiful art glass below as well. I had purchased some just like it a long long time ago at a show I was in and hadn't been able to find it since. A few months ago I discovered some art pins on the cover of an old Expressions craft magazine and there it was the beautiful glass I'd been searching for! I contacted Alicia G. Glass (who was a doll on the phone!) and low and behold she sent me a stash! I'm now back to making some fun Halloween pins and will be incorporating the glass into my steampunk line as well. Ciao for now!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

My Addiction...

I recently found myself outside a small motel room, waiting for a guy to come out of the room. He had called me earlier in the week and told me he was going to be in town and asked if I needed anything? Of course I didn’t, I never “need” it, I just want it. So I said “sure I could probably use a little.” He gave me the address of the motel where he was staying. We scheduled to meet a few days later. When I found the place and his room, I was thankful the door was open. I was afraid I’d have to knock. He poked his head out of the door and I recognized his familiar face. He asked what I was looking for, I told him that I might as well just see it all. We carefully unloaded each little tray of treasures stacked high in the back of his pick-up. When I finally decided how much I wanted, he took out the tiny scale…after weighing it all I realized that once again here I was, doing exactly what I said I wouldn’t. I was really going to try and be good this summer, not fall back into my old habits. At least it was under a kilo this time. But of course I’d still bought way more than I should. I had to. He showed me things I’d never seen before, beautiful things. My mind and my heart raced with ideas. I knew I’d enjoy it so much…how could I not? Isn’t it pretty?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

By the shore...

My last post dealt with the space beneath my feet, as does this one.
We’ve recently taken a few camping trips to some fairly local state beaches; such beautiful places. I love all that the ocean is and am continually thankful I live relatively close to it. I’m astounded by the sounds, smell and feel of water. It’s inspiration at it purest for me. I love it all and I can always find a sense of peace there.

Monday, June 8, 2009

The Wishing Tree

A few weeks ago I read a Post on the Crafty Chica’s blog about a tree she had encountered on a recent trip. Upon this tree hung all sorts knitted pouches tied on with various colored ribbon and fabric. Inside the pouches were tags with quotes and thoughts of visitors who had stopped by. It sounded magical. One of the quotes she was especially taken with was “Let your fiction grow out of the land beneath your feet” by Willa Cather. Lovely isn’t it?

When I read this quote it got me thinking of the space beneath my own feet and the story we write in our own lives. How a tree like this tree could be part of our own family story.
In a remote corner of my yard is a fig tree that I’ve never liked. I didn’t really like where it was planted in the first place, the figs always seemed to be dry and bitter, and all around its base was an overgrown disaster of weeds and out of control Aloe Vera plants. About two weeks before I read this post, I had found a couple of rusted metal lanterns with pink fabric laying in one the vast mystery piles collected in my garage. I almost through out them both out, but for some reason thought of the fig tree, and how these lanterns couldn’t possibly make it look any worse. That evening when we sat outside to dinner, I could see their soft faded pink way up there and I liked it. The next day I wandered up the stairs inspired to pull a few weeds and attempt to tame the aloe. One weed led to another, and as I worked I began to see and a feel a transformation take place as I recognized our wishing tree.

Here are some “before” shots of what the area looked like and a few “after” shots of what it looks like now. I’m not sure if you can tell, but I added some stepping stones up to the tree, a good deal more lanterns, a new more lounge-like chair and few other little things to help draw us to visit what was once an all but abandoned part of our yard.
I thought it might be fun if friends contributed a quote, a wish or prayer for our tree. I’m not sure if I will laminate the tags or not. I like the idea of the tags hanging open to the elements like Tibetan Prayer flags that over the course of time disintegrate letting their prayers be carried along the wind. I’d love to hear your thoughts about this: how do we manage this tension of wanting to preserve things in a beautiful way or appreciating each moment and letting it go. We’ll see. It’s still a work in progress.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pink Frosting!

Before too much time passes, I wanted to sneak in a little post about Glitterfest! What a wonderful show to be part of! Diane and Sheryl of Whimzy did a fantastic job organizing this glitterfully fun affair and I can’t wait to see what they do for the Fall fest & Halloween! Stay posted at .

As usual I met some fantastic new people; Susie Scott was a neighbor across the way whose art is so sweet and inspiring. Oh those faces, those sweet little faces of know I’ve got a thing for the cool little faces…and she’s got them! Check out her site if you get a chance. so very cute! Sherry Goodloe was a new found friend as well. What a cool lady. I didn’t get a picture, but she’s got amazing stuff at I can already tell she’s one of those special people that just seem to get it. She teaches, creates and inspires, you can see it in her writing and in her eyes.

This was a day was filled with glitter, and laughter and pink, and you know I love pink, but what really makes these days, the best days are the people, the pink is just the frosting.

Monday, May 25, 2009

You're the Queen Award!

This award is part of a really fun Marie give away sponsored by Cassandra at I'm not sure if I'm doing this right so my apologies if it's not.But Susie Scott was so sweet to share it with me I just had to give it a go!Now I'm off in an attempt to spread this blog love...wish me luck!!!XO

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


The Frozen Charlotte class I took with Robin Dudley Howes this past Saturday was “delightful” indeed!
What a talented, wonderful soul she is! While I don’t get a chance to take many classes, I’m so glad I made time for this one! From the moment I sat down in front of my sweet little kit to the unveiling of the coveted Charlottes all lined up in their vials, the class was wonderful. For me Madame Robin was inspiring, spiritual, and oh so patient. I can’t remember how many times I asked the same questions over & over but she never made me feel like a dork. It was also a pleasure to create in such a cool venue with such an eclectic group of creative women. We chatted, shared yummy snacks, and enjoyed the hours as they slipped quietly, too quickly away. I left the day with that dizzy feeling of having too much, too good and wanting to go right home, to keep it going, working with the fresh techniques I couldn’t wait to incorporate into my own designs and ideas. What a gift. Thanks Robin for giving me some great new tools to use in my artistic toolbox! And if any of you ever get a chance, I certainly recommend a class with this talented professor of cool! Check out my “delightful” little lady under glass…

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Viva THe GReeN ScenE!

What a wonderful way to spend a weekend. Although it started out a bit frantic, since we had just returned from a few days in the awe-inspiring Sequoias, (which really deserves a post in itself!) and traffic was that typical Friday night California kind we all love… once I actually got there with my stuff, the Fullerton Green Scene was lovely!

The folks that come out for this show are so down to earth, so friendly so fun! I met tons of really cool new customers I hope to see again and of course was inspired by the limitless possibilities of what I could do in my own yard and ODLS. Thank goodness I worked the show alone, so I didn’t get too much time to shop. I did of course frequent my neighbors across the way and discovered some great new herbs, and two gorgeous sweet pea vines for up along the second tier fence(I’m always trying to hide that lovely chain link).While it was a toasty 97+ degrees the people still came, bought some Hawaiian shaved ice and trucked along.

I had a number of Milagra Gourd dolls and came home with only one who I brought back to The Little Dress Shop yesterday along with my other creations. She must be lonely there now, so I’m encouraged to make more for the store and for my next show in Old Town Tustin. I was also excited to be commissioned to create two new Milagras for a couple of cool gals out of town.

So the next show I’m doing is in Tustin on May 16th and it’s called Glitterfest. I’m really excited and honored to be part of this show and one among a large group of very talented artists. I start to freak out and think “what I am doing in this show with all these real artists?” and then I say “hey I was on TV, I did 12 ½ minutes with Carol Duvall ! I’ve been published, I’m ok…right?” The show is sponsored by a very cool store in Old Towne Tustin called Whimzy!. Check it out if you a get a chance. Here’s a few pics of some more new things.