Saturday, April 2, 2011

Flea Market Finds

The Sunday before last, after an exhausting Sat. show the boy & I (and at the very last minute even my young girl) decided to get up before the sun and head out to the Long Beach Flea Market....unfortunately the guy he sooooo wanted to track down wasn't there because it was raining...whimp! Well we didn't stay for too long either, but before we left, my boy did manage to catch sight of this little treasure trove for his steampunk lov'in Mama! Yep once again, while I was looking at something else this is what HE finds hidden under a table!

Doesn't look like much much right...

But check out all the cool stuff inside! Each little drawer filled with watch parts, tiny tins, crystals, watch makers tools I can't begin to identify yet, and of course lots of dirt, but all so much fun!

Oh and here's the little carved find on the table that was soooo distracting me from the watch cabinet below. Had to buy these too... Ciao for now!