Sunday, February 27, 2011

Paper clay fun at Cindy's

Last week my sweet friend Cindy invited Bella and I to her little studio for an art date. We did this once before, this past Christmas and had sooooo much fun we couldn't wait to do it again.

Here's a few of the goodies the kids & I came up with...This one was created by Cindy our very talented hostess! Sorry for the terrible pictures I actually had forgotten my camera so we used one of our phones...not so great, but you get the idea. These three were made by Danny, Bella & I.
Again, crumby pics...and of course these guys have gone on to their new homes. But they sure were fun to make. And they really did look cuter in person. I did the with the big star on it's head, Danny did the happy Santa snowman in the middle and Bella did the one with the sweet blue fluff. (Which Grandma got for Christmas).

Bella even made this Cheery Cherry Soda guy on her own a few days later.
Not bad for a kid who's not yet reached double digits...
We're keeping him!

So we finally managed to squeeze in a few hours back at Cindy's this past Monday.

Been wanting to make a little baby for Mr. Moon.

Then I did a little something for Easter...

But even better than that, check out what Bella came up with. ( Under the gentle direction of Ms. Cindy :)

Love him! Thanks Cindy, for your sweet inspiration!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I'm not sure how time moves so quickly, but here we are in Feb. and finally I'm back to give my little blog some love...

First up is the Wishing Tree. Still standing strong so beautifully adorned with wispy pieces of faded Tibetian prayer flags, rain washed tags with prayer intentions hard to read now, in all their weathered beauty.
Since I last posted, there have been a few new additions But for tonight, this is the one I wanted most to share.

With love & strength for Christie & Chelsea