Saturday, October 30, 2010

American Pickin'

So what have I been doing when I'm not working, but should be? Well, sneaking off to a Flea Market or perhaps off to a series of fantastic Saturday rainy day yard sales with my favorite boy...

You see my eldest(and I), have recently been quite enamored with this little show on the History channel called American Pickers. Now I know that's a weird name for a show that conjures up all sorts of strange, even gross images, or at least it did for me but it's pretty cool, check it out. He even considered being one of these guys for Halloween. I love it! Anyhow, we had us some good clean fun last weekend! Here's a few of our "picks" some from the Flea Market and some from yard sales the week before. This Happy Halloween guy is one of six from a vintage -looking tin garland I first saw in a Disneyland window display almost two months ago. I asked about purchasing it and was told it was only for "display" (since when does Disneyland have something only for display...) anyhow I saw them at this booth of vintage Disney stuff at the Long Beach Flea market when I asked the gal if it was for sale... she said Yes.Ten bucks!Very cute.

Next up was this gorgeous old St. Francis of Assisi statue.
My Mom has been searching for a St. Francis for her patio for quite a while now. She's looked in garden stores and all the usual fountain stores, but none of them seemed right. The coloring and the face is very important. :) So when we saw this in Long Beach we had to stop. He was just perfect. Pretty big too, almost 3ft. tall and 9 1/2" at the base, solid cement all the way through. I'm not actually sure how the boy and I managed to get Francis into my car, but we did. I won't tell you how much, just in case Mom reads this....but know it was a great deal for it's age and the quality. And just look at his sweet, sweet face. My Mom's gonna love him!

The day gifted us with lots of other small treasures along the way, but prepare to view my crown jewel of recent yard sale finds... the Leather Ottoman!Oh! and I'm obligated to mention that this was found at the last sale of our rainy Saturday, the one I didn't want to stop at, the one the boy pleaded for, saying "oh come on Mom, just one more..." so there it was hiding underneath this musty quilt on their driveway. The leather was firm, but supple and had lots of dirt and grime in the tooling , especially on the top where people either sat or propped up their feet. There seemed to be spilt milk or something on most sides and the bottom was stained wet from sitting outside in the rain/ mist for most of the morning. But I could tell this tooled all leather ottoman was beautiful and just needed to be cleaned up and loved again. I asked how much and the gal said $25.00, quick to follow her price with a firm "I don't want to sell it, but my husband hates it..." my hesitation came only from the fact I knew I had only $10.00 cash left. I asked her if she'd hold it for my ten $, while I went to get more. I gave her the ten, and we left for the ATM. As we got into the car Danny smiled at me knowing that it was his stopthat filled me glee. Staring at me with this"I told you so grin" I validated the boy's natural instinct of the hunt, with a "thank you" for making us stop. I spent the better part of that Saturday cleaning it. First I used an exacto knife to dig out the grime, dangerous I know, but I was careful and nothing else would work in the tiny crevices. Then I used a leather cleaner, dish soap and a toothbrush, leather cleaner again and finally, buffed with leather polish. It did take a long time....but I certainly think it was worth it. Oh! I almost forgot, stuffed inside the bottom of the stitching was this little tag... good "pick" huh!

Friday, October 8, 2010

I know it's crazy...

Wow! I've got another show this Saturday! Sorry about the late notice, but if you'd like more info. click on my sidebar. It's is a really nice little show with free admission and goodies. Check it out if you're in town this Sat. should be fun. Take care.
Ciao for now!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Gliiterfest was Grand Again!

Wow, what a show! Once again the gals out did themselves! Sheryl and Diane of Whimzy in Tustin did a great job with Glitterfest. Even with the heat, what a cool show it was. I'm always amazed at the wonderful work and people that come together to make this show the amazing event it is. I don't do a ton of shows each year and more and more due to time constraints, working and family I need to be really selective about what shows I do choose to do. But this show is a love for a few reasons.
First, because it stretches me. Makes me want to be a better artist. Ok, I know I sound like a movie or something, but there it is. It's true. Second is simply those girls. Sheryl and Diane do such a great job making me and all the artists feel welcome, respected and appreciated for what ever it is we bring to this wildly successful event. And finally it's my lovely customers. Some I've seen many times before and some brand new to my little creations. But I can't tell you what an honor it is, for someone to like my work enough to want to actually buy it.
So thank you, thank you,
to all of my wonderful customers and friends
for your continuous support and encouragement.
I appreciate you more than you know.
So here's a few little shots of my day.
I never seem to take enough pictures, but at least
I got a few this time!

Here's a picture of my space.

See the peacock feathers?
Those were the color inspiration for my new display here.
As was my new teal moon guy in the center.
My sweet friend Annie's idea.
She knows how much I love teal and brown
and thought the peacock idea would be perfect.
I loved it.

Me and my chica Robin Dudley Howes, oh so talented teacher

and artist extrodinaire!

My friend Lisa Loria's whimsical booth of lovelies!
But no picture of her!
(I'm a dork.)

More of Lisa's goodies.

Susan with some of her Charming Trinkets.

She had an awesome display,"spot on" for Glitterfest really:)

Loved it Susan!

A few great pieces from Susie Scott, who just opened her very own store in Arizona called the Shabby Red Door.

I'm going to have a few of my goodies there soon. So excited.

And finally, a cute shot of Sheryl and her adorable daughter at days end...
Well, that's all for now.