Friday, November 5, 2010

Art Walk Tonight!

If you happen to be in town tonight stop by downtown Fullerton for first Friday Art Walk. Lots of the shops downtown will have some fabulous artists represented in their stores and I'm being represented by Lolo Boutique 305 N. Fullerton from 6-9pm. We'll have refreshments, fun and lots of new things to get your holiday shopping rolling! Ciao for now, Bridgette


GlorV1 said...

How great. Sell, sell, sell and above all, have fun.

Susan said...

Hey! Where were you today? Boo gave up the Fine Arts Center, I missed you. Hope you did well at art walk.

Healing Woman said...

Hope you had a good night at the Friday night art hop. We have one here in Roanoke too but usually it is mainly a "show" it seems.

I missed commenting on your previous post. Love the cake! Also, it is sweet of you to honor your grandmother. She may very well have contributed in your necklace making today and Bella Luna Arts. Wouldn't she be proud to know that? Maybe she does.