Friday, March 27, 2009

What's all this about Watch parts?

While I'm still working on my Milagra Gourd Girls for the Green Scene in April...I'm adding another genre to my little collection of creations. Officially titled "steampunk" this style of jewelry, accessories and clothing is inspired by two very different time periods: the Victorian and industrial age. Usually elements like tiny gears, cogs & clock faces don't seem to go with winged things, nouveau design or crystals, but here they do! There can be elements of fantasy, science or in my mind anything that visually brings interest and beauty to a piece, inspired by a sort of DaVinci meets Mucha feeling, where you would not usually associate flying machinery with sensuous floral curves.

Like most creative journeys these pieces tell a story, some stories evolve from the designer and some from those who interpret the piece. Personally I love all that a deconstructed watch case evokes. The idea of taking time “apart” and putting it back together in a whole new way is powerfully inspiring symbolism. An empty watch case itself provides such a wonderful space for a little story. My love for dioramas and miniatures is perfect for this! Over the years I’ve collected lots of cool little vintage components from everywhere and this is one more way for me to finally use some of my most treasured and often hoarded finds!

So here are a few images of my new creations. Thanks for stopping by and let me know what you think by leaving a comment if you get a chance. Peace! Bridgette


Gilding the Lily said...

Bridgette: I love them all! You are doing such wonderful work...and I still love the gourd people! Hope to see you soon! N

Susan said...

Hey you! Love the steampunk stuff. We need to do an art day!?