Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Glitterfest is nearly here!!!

In addition to my new Steampunk creations, I've started scuplting these little skulls for my next Milagra gourd doll phase, just in time for Glitterfest Fall and Dia de Los Muertos ! They're a lot of fun and now I want to do more faces. However I can't deny how intimidating sculpting little faces are...

Here's a few pictures of new goodies I've been making for Glitterfest this Saturday Oct. 10th. I've been going a bit crazy with kids school stuff, some home stuff , our new pooch Oliver, and even some creative stuff like my newest aquistition of the tiny frozen Charlottes.
I just love these little dolls and have been so very inspired by them! I certainly have more than I should I suppose, so I might bring a few to share at Glitterfest.
What do you think?


Lisa Loria said...

Hi Bridgette!
Loved meeting you t Glitterfest and love your work!
Hope the Dia De Los Muerte Cross has found a happy place in your home and you Love her too!
I added you to my blog and posted a few words about you.

MJ Ornaments said...

Hi Bridgette,
I met you at Glitterfest too! All your creations are so pretty. Take care, Martha