Thursday, August 20, 2009

Here's a few little things I just had to put together with my new finds. Check out the beautiful art glass below as well. I had purchased some just like it a long long time ago at a show I was in and hadn't been able to find it since. A few months ago I discovered some art pins on the cover of an old Expressions craft magazine and there it was the beautiful glass I'd been searching for! I contacted Alicia G. Glass (who was a doll on the phone!) and low and behold she sent me a stash! I'm now back to making some fun Halloween pins and will be incorporating the glass into my steampunk line as well. Ciao for now!


robin dudley-howes said...

Hello my fellow Glitterfest attendee! Are you hard at work making your Halloween goodies? I'm trying but have had a few distractions. Pressure always seems to work with me! See you soon!


Lovely post, beautiful jewellry