Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Thanks to the Three Kings

Right before Christmas I wanted so much to write a post…a post about Christmas, about the fun, the family, the friends and the great food shared during this very special season. I was bummed because Christmas came and went and I never really finished the post I had started. A few nights ago at mass, I was reminded that the Christmas season really continues up until Jan. 6th for the arrival of the three kings. Thank goodness for those three guys or this post may have gone the way of my many other “drafts.” Therefore feeling like I still had time, I thought I’d go ahead and write a little something of Christmas. Really, of my Christmas Tree…

My very first Christmas tree after I got married was not a tree at all, it was an Aloe Vera plant. I know it’s weird, but we didn’t have a lot of money and my husband was allergic to live trees. We had planned to get a really nice “fake” one after Christmas. Anyhow, we’d only been married four months and one of the things my Grandma made sure I had “packed” when I left the Valley was a good sized terra cotta potted Aloe plant. There are a number of reasons it just had to make the trek with us, mostly surrounding it’s powerful healing capabilities, and sharp thorns able to deter any would be burglar from hopping over my apartment balcony, but really it was just one of those things I did because she told me to. We brought it in, draped a few strands of red beads I’d bought at Pier One and dangled the three or four “ornaments” I found around the apartment. It was actually pretty cute.

What ever happened to that aloe plant? Well it traveled with us to each new place we moved and eventually got transplanted in the ground out in the backyard under the fig tree. Yes, right under what it now my “Wishing tree, a Christmas tree of sorts. I think there is something special about what lies beneath that tree and the healing powers of that plant I believe to be so deeply rooted in its soil.

I’m not sure how but I know it was no mistake that these two pieces of nature have collided here in my yard. There are many baby aloes that have volunteered surrounding the base of nearly the entire tree. I’ve kept a little square freed of the volunteers directly beneath it, as well as the path that leads up to it, but to its left the ground is completely covered with them. So as a little homage to that first Christmas, tree and to our Wishing Tree of today as well, I decided to decorate a few it’s “branches” again with some of those same red beads I used that first Christmas so long ago.

As we enter this New Year…I invite any of you out there who might have something they would like us pray or wish for, to feel free to send me something to hang in our tree. It can be anything, a tag, a little ornament, a ribbon, or banner. I guess really anything you’d like. Just keep in mind that it will be out in the weather and will be open to the elements. I have a few wishes that have been laminated that are doing fine and lots of other little things that are weathering nicely as well. I’m not sure why I’m so taken with this tree thing, but I think there’s a reason, so I’m doing it and I invite any of you out there who’d like to be a part of it to do so to. I know it’s kind of crazy, but it’s a good crazy I think.
And just as what lies beneath our feet can be holy and healing so can that which we choose to let dangle in the wind, like the ancient Tibetan prayer flags. While I can make no promises and hope you won’t yourself expect too much from me or my tree, what I can offer is this small space where many thoughts can come together for the power of good. I guess it’s that simple. It’s probably not for everyone but if you’re reading this hopefully it speaks to you. Just email me and let me know you have something and I’ll email you back with the address and a photo of what your special addition looks like in our tree. I’ll try to do better with posting to keep up on its overall progress as well. Here’s a few pics of what it looks like now in winter. So much sparser without its giant velvety leaves, but I still think
it's cool.


Sandi said...

I love the wishing tree concept ... if for nothing else than to put your thoughts down on paper and leave them at the tree to ease your mind. I will craft my wishes, and bring them over to place with yours!

BellaLunaArts said...

Thank you for your constant support and inspiration! Can't wait for your wishes. Love you!

robin dudley-howes said...

That's a great story Bridgette. It must be a very magical and healing area. Feliz ano nuevo! Hope to see you soon!


Laura's Husband said...

What festive and creative trees!
A delight to behold.

Unknown said...

I Love your "wishing tree" and this post!!!! What a delightful idea. Your fig tree has brought back lovely memories to me.
I live in Ohio and fig trees will not survive our harsh winters. My Italian born father had a fig tree and he'd burry it in our garden over the winter so it would survive..as a small child I thought this tree was magic. Each spring the fig tree would rise from the earth, stand upright, sprout it's leaves, and then it's fruit..How I loved that tree!
Your post makes me what to rush out into all our snow and decorate my own "wishing tree" but I'll wait closer to Spring to do that.
Until then I'd LOVE to add a little something a wish/prayer to yours. Could you please email me?
Thanks so very much for sharing your wishing tree with us!!!!
Bless you..~Mary~ :-}

Lisa said...

Now, this post is very inspirational. I feel that the tree called you, it spoke to you...don't laugh. It's not often one finds their tree of Life! I know it's always inside us all, and sometime in this crazy mortal world we need something to see. And the roots of the tree have merged with the gift of the aloe, a plant that was given with love. We are many we are one. I would like to add to it, yes I do believe I would.
I also believe maybe you weren't suppose to post during Christmas, so it reminds me to have the spirit all the time. A beautiful gift, Bridgett, thank you!

Lisa Loria said...

That is so lovely. What a wonderful idea and tradition!
Still wanting some charlottes!

a Bohemian Market said...

Hi Bridgette:
I was visiting Mary's blog and saw photos of your wishing tree : )
When you mentioned Fig tree I immediately thought of Mary and see she commented on it. I grew up eating fresh figs in Fresno. I was too short to pluck them from the tree so i would pick them up off the ground, wipe them on my shirt and savor the warm sweet gooey mess : ) I love life and the commonness it gives to all of us. I do not have a wishing tree like yours yet I always place "things" on the tree outside my daughters balcony for the love of connection : ) The squirrels like the brass findings too.
Take care as you certainly gave a bright memory moment to me : )
Thank you