Saturday, November 14, 2009

Rescued Charlottes

Well as many of you already know, I've recently been quite compelled to create with my new found stash of Frozen Charlottes. I wrote up a little something to give people when they buy one of my Rescued Charlotte pieces, but it's probably a bit too long, so I've decided to post it here!

Mis Queridos or “My Beloveds”
It’s no wonder with my love for tiny objects, dioramas, lockets and little things to put things in that I should be so attracted to these little dolls. After all, one does need little things to place in the little spaces she creates doesn’t she?
Manufactured in Germany from about 1850 to the early 1900s, these intriguing bisque/china/porcelain dolls were originally produced as Victorian Bathing Dolls called “Frozen Charlottes”; so named from an early American folk song by William Carter. Carter tells a sad story of a piercingly cold night, with the lovely Charlotte being picked up in a sleigh by her beau ready to attend the village ball. Looking lovely, young Charlotte dressed in her finery, vainly wanted to be seen and admired along the way, and did not heed her mother’s good advice to cover herself with a blanket, refusing to wear even her wrap. By the time she and her beau arrived at the ball, Charlotte had frozen to death. ( I know it's a wee bit dark but that's the story) :)
On a lighter note, in early Victorian days these sweet little dolls were also baked into children’s birthday cakes, or Christmas pudding to be found by the young guest as they bit into their piece of cake. Nothing like pies and cakes to lighten the mood!And...Quite a little party favor!

Today these rare little collectables are used in all sorts of mixed media art, but the tiny ones are among the most coveted. Remember they’re over 100 years old! Here I have assembled some of my smallest most treasured Charlottes into a series of collage pendants, charms and pins called Mis Queridos or “My Beloveds”. Each small vignette tells a story of her own for the holder to discover. Using vintage findings and found objects gives each piece an innate sense of history. Some pieces contain words or symbols, but all carry with her a unique charism. My hope is that you enjoy your rescued Charlotte creation as much as I enjoyed making it for you

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