Thursday, September 2, 2010

First sculpting class

I'm not sure why, but sculpting faces has always been a bit intimidating to me. I've always wanted to try it but just thought it would be too hard. I've worked in ceramics, made lots of tiny polymer clay things for fun (tiny food items mostly :)but never really tried faces. Well this past Saturday changed that.
Thanks to the always inspirational

I happened upon a post she wrote about a sculpting class she was taking called The Sandman. When I saw the sculpted images I recognized them immediately as the work of
Keely Reichman, a fantastic artist and friend I'd taken a few jewelry classes with years ago.The class she mentioned was being held in someones home only about 30 minutes away from my house! There was one spot left. On a complete whim, I decided to call and snatched the spot.
Now I didn't take as many pictures as I wanted to, but I did snap a few of my "Sandman Moon" guy in process. This is him before I added his mouth. Then what he looked like after his first coat of teal and lavender highlights. And finally, with his dark patina. I must say, I'm really happy with him. Working with paper clay was so forgiving and satisfying. And Keely is a patient and generous teacher. Thank you, thank you Keely for sharing your talent and designs with us! I loved it and can't wait to try it again!

This whimsical little crew is part of a collection I believe will be for sale at Keely's upcoming show next month in Fullerton. Every first Friday downtown Fullerton sponsors Artwalk where all sorts of shops feature various artists in their stores. It's a lot of fun. On Oct. 1st the Friday night before Glitterfest, Keely will be at Otto.If I can get myself together the night before my little show I'll be there too! Check it out if you get the chance.
Ciao for now!


GlorV1 said...

I just love your sandman.
Good thing you got the chance to take the class. I think it's great that you go all out for yourself and your creativity. We need to do that, it's how we grow. Great post. You look like you were having fun. Take care.

Healing Woman said...

I saw this class featured on another blog. I really like the faces that all of you created. I'll be giving a sculpting class here at Woodloft next summer but it will be more of anatomical sculpture. The whimsical faces look like such fun though. Mr. Sandman is cute!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting about the class! Great pictures! and your Sandman came out so cool! Hope to see you at either Otto or Glitterfest, or both! Keely

Lisa Loria said...

Looks Fab!
Would have liked that one too!
Miss you and looking forward to seeing you at GF!

Flor Larios Art said...

Those look great and cool!