Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Getting Ready For Glitterfest

Busy, busy week ahead, but oh so exciting! I'm starting a new job this week teaching again...yep it's true. Only this time it's art.

And just in time for Glitterfest! WooHoo! Am I feeling crazy? A little. Can't believe it's all really happening. But it's good and I feel so blessed. Anyhow, I'll certainly tell you more about the art job later. But now, let's talk Glitterfest! It's this Saturday 10-4 in Santa Ana CA and I'd love for you all to be there! For some of you it might be a bit of a drive so maybe you should leave now, if you get here early, you can stay at my house. Just so long as you don't mind the mess that used to be my living room... Or Oliver...So go on, get packing. California 's great this time of year. I 've been working on so many new things. Lots of stuff I've never done before. Here's a little peek...
Found this gorgeous pewter hand cast heart shield from

Lynn Davis on Etsy.

Thanks Lynn!

Well I still had to make a few little ladies... :)

Hope to see you there... Ciao for now!


Healing Woman said...

Brigit, these little glittery faces are so fun. I love the pin with the face in the middle and gems surrounding her. I also love that little gal with the crackled texture face and cute hair locks. You are bound to sell very well at Glitterfest!


GlorV1 said...

I hope you have fun at the glitterfest. Sounds like it should be loads of fun! Just stopped by to say hello and pop on over to my blog to enter my giveaway. The link to the post is on my sidebar. Have a great time.

Susan said...

Okay, so my studio space looks just like your living room AND my living room has my display in it! I will be with you this time for Glitterfest! I'm excited and really nervous about the whole thing. On the list I received you are table 41 and I am 39, please tell me that means we'll be close together!? Can't wait to see you!