Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Art Walk at LOLO Boutique

Well I know I told a few of you at my recent shows that I might be doing a trunk show in Dec. for one of the sweet stores that so graciously sells my creations.

Well it just so happened that last week when I went to drop off a few new pieces for Lolo Boutique, Susan mentioned she had no artist for Fullerton's first Friday Art Walk. Fortuitous happenstance? Perhaps. Whatever it is, I happily accept the serendipity of this gift. So it's Bella Luna Arts, this Friday night at Lolo Boutique in downtown Fullerton.

In looking back through my posts, I realized that the last time I was featured at an Art Walk was actually last November so it's kind of perfect I think. As always, I'll have new things, but here's a few pics of the some goodies I've been crafting these days. These pieces are actually already living with their new owners (unless they were purchased for gifts)but you get the idea, for new things to come this Friday :)

Check out my side bar for details. Hope you can make it and if not hope to see you soon!
Take care, Bridgette

Oh and just so you know the Wishing Tree is still standing tall in our yard, willing to hold any wishes you may like to send. Comment or email me for more info if ever you'd like to send something! And if you've never heard of theWishing Tree, click on the link above for the original post so long ago... :)

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Susan said...

Love all the new things I'm seeing! Hope you have a great show and we still owe each other a day sometime before we're too old to appreciate it!
Your art friend,