Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

Well it that's time of year again

when Bella & I sit at the dining room table

to make her class Valentines.

While it sometimes seems crazy to make them, when we could just go to the drug store a buy a few boxes (which we have certainly done in the past) the last few years we've had more fun making them .

Now this past Christmas, we did make these very cute molded chocolate hand-painted snowmen which was actually crazy , so for this sweet little holiday, we decided to go easy.
We started with the tags.

Since she wanted to do something cute for the girls,

we had to do something different for the boys

(got to use that cool moon face I love).

And yes, these were her Valentines...

Then for the "treat" we decided on the ever-so-easy white-chocolate dipped pretzel rods, which is more of a "spooning over" than "dipping" I guess :)

on with lots of pink and red sprinkles.

We LOVE sprinkles!

And here they are all bagged & tagged.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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