Saturday, February 20, 2010

3rd Grade Masters

One of the things I love doing, is volunteering to teach a bit of art once a month in my children's class through a parent volunteer based program called Art Masters. Every year we have a fundraiser at my children’s school where the kids design a piece of art that is sent in to a company that places their artwork on mugs, stationary, aprons, all sorts of stuff. The parents can purchase whatever they’d like with their child’s artwork on it and the school receives a percentage which goes back into purchasing supplies to keep our art program going. With that said, we're always trying to find beautiful, simple projects the parents would love and thus want to buy. (Which isn't as easy it sounds) :) This year with the severe budget cuts facing our California schools parent support of programs like this is all the more needed if art in our school is to survive at all next year. I’m not sure if everyone will love how they turned out, but I sure did.

For this project I used a lesson plan that came from the Crayola website which is a wonderful site if you ever need some fun kid projects for class or home and most of them are really inexpensive to produce. I just loved how this years work in 3rd came out. We used oil pastels for the image in each square and then watercolors for the background. I also did a similar lesson in my son's 6th grade. I'll let you decide which is which...

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