Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Little Dress Shop

I spent the afternoon at The Little Dress Shop in Claremont Village. It's a kind of magical place...where customers and friends drift in and out all day. They come to shop or maybe stop by in search of something more, a blessing, a hug or even a song from the deeply spiritual owner Marsha Valencia. Today was no different except that it was me that received the three things. The blessing came in a different way this time. I went to bring in a few new pieces and rework my case. While I tinkered and fussed over my jewelry, a sick friend of Marsha's walked in with her Mom. As they talked, Marsha began the ritual I'd seen before. She lit a small twine wrapped bunch of sage and cleansed the air surrounding her friend. Gently she brushed her friends body with feathers and sang a melodic and beautiful Native American chant. The strength of her voice filled the shop. As she sang I thought of something another friend had generously offered me. For most of time I wasn't even watching what Marsha was doing but only listening and it was her song that so touched me as I worked and thought. While this blessing was not specifically for me this time, I could feel the peace of it as the song permeated the little shop and me. It's funny sometimes to see strangers walk in and wonder what's going on. I first notice their nose. They just barely lift their head to sniff the air trying to figure out exactly what it is they smell. Since my case is pretty close to the front of the store, whenever I'm there I assure them it's not what they might think... and tell them it's just "sage." Some people are intrigued, and bravely wander deeper in, others seem perplexed, while some just drift out like the sage. When Marsha finished with her friend we had a chance to talk while I finished my display. I told her about something I'd been struggling with and I decided tonight, after a good deal of introspection that really love was often about just deciding to do it, even when you think you can't. I remember reading this way back in high school and being so awed by this idea. I must have sounds so simple in a way and I know it's really not, but tonight I'll will allow it to be. I've decided it must be. I had made a choice for it to be. And it will. I apologize if this sounds scattered but I'm still working it through. Thank you Annie.

Here's a few pictures of how my little case turned out you know I can never resist the sweets! Oh! and to top it off,when I got home, there was another beautiful little box waiting to be opened for the Wishing Tree. I'm so excited and have a bit of unwrapping to do now! :) Peace and blessings, Bridgette

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Ann Lawson said...

Thank you for composing and sharing your thoughts here. It inspires me to look around, to notice, to think, to wait, and to hope. Also, the pictures are beautiful. Jewelry's not bad either. :)