Monday, February 15, 2010

One World One Heart Give Away Winner!

Before it gets too late I need to announce who won my Querido Frozen Charlotte pendant in the One World One Heart blogging event that ended this evening. It's been great fun flying around, getting to know a little bit about other bloggers I may have never met had I not hopped on this magic carpet, and it's been even more overwhelming to see the tremendous response to my little Querido pendant. Thank you, thank you to all 224 of you that left such kind comments about my work, my blog and my creativity. I'm so encouraged. In the next few weeks, I hope to get a chance to stop by each of your blogs as well if I haven't done so yet and as always I invite any of you to come back anytime. Perhaps some of you might even consider sending a little wish or prayer for the Wishing tree?But of course that sounds like another post... :)

So here’s how I chose the winner... I had a bunch of these adorable “Wish” tickets I purchased a while back to use with our Wishing tree. Knowing that our tree would undoubtedly have fabulous "random choosing" mojo, I decided to hang both the hat and the tickets in the Wishing tree before any choosing actually took place. I decided that the first number on my first roll would stand for the #1. Then I had my daughter and her two little friends separate all the tickets on the roll while they were outside playing. After the girls had carefully separated them, we put all the tickets in one of my daughters many hats.

I thought her blue Luna beret was only fitting. I gave the tickets a few good swirls with my hand to mix them all up and let my daughter pick one! She chose # 885262 which matched up to be comment number 62! Jennifer from Just Jingle was the lucky gal! Check out her blog she’s got some wonderfully fun stuff there! When I emailed her for her address her response was just as I hoped it would be! I was so happy, she was so happy! I knew our tree would help choose someone right. Now my little "beloved" had found a happy new home, a place where she'd be loved. So I'm off to get her ready to send and maybe even create a few more sisters to travel around on a little carpet of their own...we'll see. Ciao for now!

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GlorV1 said...

Hi Bella. I just popped in to say hi and add you to my list. I hope you have a great week. Your blog is very nice. Thanks for following me as well. I look forward to reading your posts.